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Diamonds 7

Earth from space

Welcome to My Life My World
Here you get check out upcoming rap/hip hop producers/artists in 2004

This ya boy lil chris from da south holding it down for North Carolina.
B Ez
known for creative and original style
dirty south, up north, east coast, west coast it don't matter
the kid is raw.
Lil Chris
Known for sick twisted beats with mad bass that make trunks rrrraaaatttttttllllleeeee. Unquestionable the kid is nice
B Gutta
Known for spitting fire and breathing carbon dioxide.
He's a straight hell raiser
Known for finishing any song off with hot 16.
That's that nigga
Known for coming in and taking over.
The future 
one more to look for

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

What's New?
Working on a deal trying to get right for 2005
Nigga's is hungry and we coming to get
O. C.C is name and we ready

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